– Brian Kelly Violins –

Maker of violins, violas and cellos

Brian Kelly has over 26 years of experience building and repairing instruments in the Raleigh area.


1st place in workmanship (Viola, made in 2022)

2nd place in tone (Viola, made in 2022)

3rd place in tone (Violin, made in 2023)

Certificate of Merit for the Violin

Southern Violin Makers Award

Featured instruments

I have been building instruments in the traditional Cremonese method for close to 30 years.

I use oil varnish what I personally prepare.

My instrument models are Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati models.

Stradivari violin 2010

Guarneri Del Gesu Violin 2010

Stradivari violin 2010

Stradivari Violin 2023

Repair and restoration

I have experience restoring and repairing fine Instruments and bows

such as Gagliano, Rombauts, Lupot, Guadagnini, Amati instruments and Sartori, Fetique, Nurnberger and many other bows.


My services includes

– Annual maintenance what I recommend at least once every year for a full check up to preserve the sound and the condition of the instruments and bows.

– Bow re-hair and repairs: I use the finest materials possible for re-hair, tip plate replacement, silver wrap replacement, changing leather grips, bow slides or pearl eyes on the frog.

– Tonal adjustment is very important for the maximum performance. I always take time to listen and take care of clients needs.


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John Alexander
John Alexander
Brian is an highly skilled luthier that will take his time to communicate and understand exactly what you need as a musician. I cannot say enough about the quality of his work. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his work and it really shows. My violins have never sounded better.
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly
Thank you for your commitment to excellence Brian!
David Meyer
David Meyer
Brian Kelly is a world class luthier! For some time he has been looking after my cellos, and he has made them sound the best they’ve ever sounded. He’s dedicated to helping fix whatever issues come up, continually improving the resonance and playability of my instruments. Thank you, Brian, for your excellent work.
Petra Berenyi
Petra Berenyi
Brian Kelly is an absolute expert both in building new instruments (violins, violas and cellos) as well as doing high quality repairs and tonal adjustments to improve the performance, response and tone quality for a player. He really does listen carefully his clients and their needs in order to make them happy with the outcome of the instruments’ sound. Brian recently won First Place at SVA competition with his viola and won four other awards as well. I feel lucky to play his award winning viola. He has been serving in the Raleigh area over 25 years and has worked on extremely valuable instruments as well during this time. His professional expertise is very valuable. I highly recommend his services!